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Italy – the most amazing country we have ever experienced

Italy does it for me on all fronts; the people, the history, the postcards at every turn and the food. We took a trip in 2017, spending time in Tuscany, Florence and Lake Como. Here’s a few pics I selected, trying to offer up interesting subject matter, lighting and composition.
All were shot on my iPhone6s.

Team contemplation, Cernobbio, Lake Como

Another world wonder from Leonardo di Vinci. I never knew this was painted directly onto the wall as a friese. Notice the Monks door extension to the kitchen at the bottom. There were priorities in those days.

Boats. Torno, Lake Como. Ok, I have a wider shot that’s a little more inclusive.

Villa Balbianello, Lenno, Lake Como. Just stunning.

Villa Balbianello, Lake Como. They filmed 007 and Star Wars here.

View out Tuscan window. Siena is in the distance. Way in the distance.

Guard rails, Florence. Would this work in Australia? I mean no ill but I doubt it.

Pasta and Truffles, Asciano. Carole’s favourite dish from the holiday.

Palazzo Monaci, Asciano, Tuscany

The Duomo, Florence

Leonardo’s work, Florence

Villa, Lake Como

Castelle de Brolio, Chianti. The 32nd generation family still lives here, since 1141.Carole is standing on the castle rampart at right. I need to change my aspect ratio settings.

Lavender in 1000 year old monastery, Tuscany.

Wife in Milan train station. It’s all about the framing.

Smokers corner, Milan train station. They smoke a lot here.

One unbelievable moment.

Sizing up new pot for garden, Ufizzi Gallery, Florence.

Multi cultural chair conversation, Florence.

al dente’

Bridge over the Arno, Florence.

Fiesole. So much history about this beautiful town overlooking Florence.

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